Flood Control System Maintenance

Parks' Double Guard™ Flood Control System

Schedule Flood Control Clean and Check

Maintenance of your Flood Control System

Just like any other mechanical devices with moving parts, it is recommended to have your flood control system periodically checked and cleaned to ensure it operates correctly when you need it. This is to ensure the systems' parts are in good working condition (e.g. the valves are clean and the pump is ready to perform), and the entire system is operational (it's like a maintenance tune-up or an oil change on your vehicle).

When we inspect flood control systems, we go through a 21-point check list to make certain all the parts are in proper working condition, and that they are ready to perform when the city or village sewer overload occurs.

As part of the flood control system inspection we clean the components of the system, lubricate its moving parts and bolts, electronically test the condition and performance of the ejector pump, and 'flood' the system with water to actually see the system work. We also clean the pump basin, and inspect all of the system components.

After the inspection, we provide the client with a written report describing the condition of the system and, if needed, any recommendations about needed work.

Maintain Your System Annually - Don't wait until it's too late!


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