Parks' Flood Control Services in Forest Park

Village of Forest Park

517 Desplaines Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130
P: 708-366-2323

Although we are fairly new in Forest Park, we have already shown the local residents they can rely on us when it comes to flood control systems. We have installed our Double Guard Flood Control Systems at both single family homes as well as multi-unit buildings.

About Forest Park, Illinois

Forest Park, in the past also known as the town of Harlem, is a western suburb of Chicago. Located about 12 miles west of downtown Chicago, Forest Park is famous for its historic landmarks. Since the 1870's cemeteries have been one of Forest Park's main industries and is what the town is famous for. Some famous historians lie to rest in the many cemeteries in Forest Park.

As far as plumbing is concerned, Forest Park made the news just after the July 24th storm that caused the partial closing of the Eisenhower Expressway, and the temporary suspension of the Blue Line service in the area.

The village has a combined sewer system, which means that storm water and sanitary waste get mixed in one main pipe in the street. If the sewer main gets overloaded it increases the chances of basement flooding.

Forest Park Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

Qualifying applicants will be reimbursed for 50% of cost for installation of an approved flood prevention system, up to $1500 maximum/ $2000 maximum for low income households*.

Forest Park Flood Control Services


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