Park's Plumbing Seals Foundation Cracks

We seal most foundation cracks by injection from the basement.


Sealing foundation cracks from inside by injection : Most foundation cracks can be sealed from inside the basement with little or no damage to the finished walls. If the basement walls are dry-walled or covered with paneling the wall coverings need to be removed prior to sealing. We then clean the foundation crack area adequately, and fill the entire crack with our state-of-the-art sealing compound. After the job is complete the wall can be re-covered if needed, and the work is guaranteed for years to come.

Some cracks need to be sealed with special mortar mix from the inside


Sealing foundation cracks from inside with special mortar mix: Occasionally, some foundation cracks - especially the wider ones (1/4" or more) or the ones that might be still expanding - need to be sealed with a special mortar mix designed specifically for this purpose.

We also can - in some situations - seal the foundation cracks from the outside.



Sealing foundation cracks from the outside: In some cases - such as when the basement wall coverings cannot be removed to expose the foundation cracks - we can expose the foundation wall from the outside and perform the sealing work without the disruption of the basement. We have a variety of materials for outside wall/crack sealing, and depending on the situation we choose the right one.

Overall, foundation cracks can be repaired in a number of ways, and we can recommend the best one based on our inspection. We have plenty of experience dealing with foundation wall problems, and we are certain we can fix yours.