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We are pleased to offer residents of Wilmette our plumbing and flood control services.

About Wilmette, Illinois

A nice place to live, work or visit. Located on the North Shore and home to around 30 thousand residents, Wilmette is famous for its historic landmarks and architecture. On a nice sunny summer day it is hard to imagine the problems some local residents may face once the rain starts. Some overwhelmed or clogged sewers fill up to their capacity, older foundations leak, and in some cases water starts to pour into the basements through the windows.

Many residents remember one particular day in August 2007 when their village was hit by a microburst that caused flooding and power outages. Some residents remained without power for a few days.

From a plumber's stand point, Wilmette can be divided into two parts:

  1. The older part - east of Ridge Ave - where there is a combined sewer system (waste water and rain water run-off drain into and get mixed in one combination sewer.
  2. The area west of Ridge Ave where the sanitary and storm sewers are for the most part separated. This means that waste water drains into a sanitary sewer, and rain water goes into a storm sewer.

That means that solutions to some plumbing/flooding issues depend on the location. In many cases we need to determine if and to what extend the sewer configuration affects the property in question, and then propose (design if necessary) the proper solution to mitigate the problem.

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We are currently not aware of any rebate programs in Wilmette.

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