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Located on the banks of the Des Plaines River, Franklin Park is prone to flooding and sewer backups. Some of the more recent widespread incidents occurred in 2008 and again in 2013. We have been providing sewer backup solutions and flood control systems to Franklin Park and protecting many residents with our patented Double Guard flood control systems and numerous overhead sewer installations along with our yard drainage systems. We are happy to service the flood control needs of Franklin Park from our home in Skokie.

About Franklin Park, Illinois

Franklin Park is a village in Cook County and located 13 miles west of Chicago’s loop and just south of Schiller Park. As of the 2010 census, the population was 18,333.

Franklin Park roots go back to the days when the Des Plaines River area was the meeting point for many Native American tribes of the Northwest.  In 1816, Alexander Robinson and Claude La Framboise helped negotiate the Treaty of St. Louis, establishing the Indian Boundary Line that runs through the part of Illinois that is now Franklin Park and River Grove.

German farmers settled the area in the 1840s. By the mid-1870s the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad laid tracks and built a station on Elm Street. The Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Sault Ste Marie and the Indiana Harbor Belt railroads followed.

In the early 1890s Lesser Franklin, a real-estate broker, purchased four farms totaling 600 acres. He built a community center where the railroads intersected. He named the town Franklin Park and enticed prospective buyers with parades along LaSalle Street in Chicago. He offered free Sunday train rides to the property. A pavilion was built on Rose Street where potential customers received free food and beer, heard speeches, danced, and participated in contests. Lot sales exceeded a million dollars. The community was incorporated in 1892.

The village has remained in search of land for industrial expansion. In 1990 Franklin Park annexed 65 acres and was the fourth largest industrial area in Illinois. Good location and easy access to O’Hare cargo terminals, railroad freight terminals, major expressways for routing, and spur tracks accessing the rear of buildings have made Franklin Park a desirable place for industry.

Franklin Park Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village of Franklin Park has two programs to assist residents with private property flooding issues. Under these programs, the Village will reimburse residents up to 50% of the costs to help minimize the frequency and/or severity of future flooding. The rear yard drainage program is intended to reduce standing water in low areas on private property. The overhead sewer cost share program is intended to assist residents with installing overhead sewers in their homes. Overhead sewers dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of backup into the basement that result when village sewers are overburdened from heavy storms. Park’s Plumbing offers just the right solutions to yard drainage problems as well as basement flooding caused by sewer backup with our patented Double-Guard valve. 

Rear Yard Drainage Cost Share Program Application
Overhead Sewer Cost Share Program Application

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