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Why Choose Parks' for Flood Control?

Our Double Guard™ Flood Control System is why!

  • We install our Double Guard™ Backwater Valve System. This assembly of two brass valves substantially increases the flood control reliability. Many others often install a single valve system which does not approach the safety of the Parks' Double Guard™ Backwater Valve System.
  • Parks' Double Guard™ valves close the instant the city sewer backs up, preventing waste and debris from entering the house sewer. Float type valves allow waste and debris to back up into the sewer before completely closing, increasing the chance that the float type valve may wedge open, and eliminating some of the home's built-in reservoir.
  • The design of Parks' Double Guard™ valves maximize the capacity of the home's sewer and drain tile reservoir. This is especially important during a power outage under flooding conditions when the valves are closed and the pump cannot work.
  • Under these circumstances, house sewage or drain tile waters cannot escape nor be pumped out into the city sewer, and may begin to back up into the home's reservoir consisting of the sewer, drain tile, and the catch basin. Under most circumstances, this reservoir is sufficient to hold excess waters before they can enter the home. With a float type valve, however, the city sewer back-up enters the reservoir and substantially fills it before the float type valve closes. Thus, during a power outage, the home with a float type valve is far more vulnerable to flooding.
  • Parks' Double Guard™ valves have cast iron bodies to promote long life. They have two solid brass flapper and seat assemblies with brass hinges. Many float valve installers often use galvanized sheet metal or plastic valve housings with a Styrofoam float and galvanized or plastic flapper. Thus, the Parks Double Guard™ system has a much longer working life span.
  • Parks' pump discharge piping is all copper, thus also increasing the life span. Others often use galvanized or PVC pipe.
  • Parks' Double Guard™ valves have stainless steel bolts and 1/2-inch thick neoprene gaskets to seal the access plates to the cast iron housing. Others often use galvanized clips without gaskets seals that can corrode and cause leaks, increasing the chance of flooding.
  • Replacement parts for Parks' systems are readily available and can be obtained through normal supply outlets. Replacement parts for other systems can only be obtained through those.
  • Parks' Flood Control employees are our own, experienced and drug-free workers. Others frequently use subcontracted labor, thus insurance problems may arise.
  • Parks' takes care of your lawn. We dig by hand and use boards to protect your grass. Many others often leave you with a huge clean-up or lawn repair job.
  • Parks' uses licensed and insured electricians who have been working with us for many years. Many others have their wiring done by laborers without the proper licenses.
  • Parks' is a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing and sewer company with an engineering background. Jeff and Joe Parks are licensed plumbers and college graduates. Joe is a mechanical engineer and former plumbing and building inspector. Many others do not have a plumbing license.
  • Parks' removes many failed systems and replaces them with our Parks' Double Guard™ Flood Control System. No Parks' Double Guard™ Flood Control System has ever been removed.
  • At Parks', owners and management are the salespeople. Others may hire commissioned salespeople who may be looking for a fast sale rather than the best long-term for your home.
  • Parks' is recommended by the villages all over. This is important because they see the quality of our work.
  • Parks' obtains a city or village permit for the installation.
  • Parks' installs a 48-inch vault with adequate room for servicing, and increases the reservoir mentioned above. Others often install a narrow, 36-inch vault.
  • Parks' is diagnostic regarding your flooding problem. We analyze it and recommend or design the best system for you. Many others have only one system and sell that one only.
  • Parks' is licensed to install all three flood control systems available: overhead sewer systems, backwater valve systems, and lift stations. Sewer contractors are not.
  • Parks' does customized institutional design to provide flood control systems to solve complex problems for commercial and industrial buildings. Non-plumbers cannot.
  • Parks' is very proud of its management and office staff, most of whom are college graduates. Not so, with the others.
  • Parks' is also proud of the courtesy and professionalism of the plumbers and office staff. Our management staff have accrued 100 years of experience in flood control field.
  • Our management and office staff are 'at your service' during normal business hours. That means you will not be greeted by a recording when you call our office, but by a real person willing to assist you.
  • We are confident that the more you compare, the more you will agree on the advantages of the Parks' Double Guard™ Flood Control System. We are here to assist you, both at the time of installation and in the future.
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