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Parks Flood Control Systems - Lift Stations

Parks' Lift Station Pumping System

What is a Lift Station?

A lift station is another type of a flood control system. It is sometimes installed in a residential application, however, it is mainly used in commercial buildings.

In a lift station, a pump basin collects all the waste water from the house or building regardless of whether it rains. A pump positioned in the basin discharges the water into the gravity sewer line toward the municipal sewer main.  Even though a lift station is a proper type of flood control system, it has one disadvantage. The disadvantage of the system is that you have to rely on the pump all the time (twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year), and if the pump fails for any reason (such as a power failure) the house may get flooded - even when it doesn't rain.

If the system is used in the right situation, it can be a very good form of flood control as it protects the house against sewer backup from the city or village sewer main. But since it relies on the pump so much, it requires more supervision.