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Parks' Flood Control Services in Maywood

Maywood Village Hall

40 Madison Street
Maywood, IL 60153
P: 708-450-4405

Since the infamous flood in July of 2010 we have installed several Parks' Double Guard flood control systems in Maywood to protect the residents from unwanted sewer back-up. We are happy to be a part of the community there.

About Maywood, Illinois

The Village of Maywood is located 10 miles directly west of Chicago, and has a population of around 25 thousand. The beginnings of the village go back to 1869 when the Maywood Company acquired the land for future development along the Des Plaines River. The village was named after May, daughter of one of the Maywood's founders. By the time the village was incorporated in 1881, it had already been a booming town with a post office and regular rail service. In the later years the town even had two air fields.

Nowadays, the Village of Maywood has a direct connection with the city of Chicago via the Eisenhower Expressway or Metra Rail.

The area - just like the neighboring towns - has been subject to flooding in recent history. Big sections of the community - just like many of the surrounding communities have been designed with a combined sewer system. The recent torrential rains were said to have overwhelmed the capacity of it. Here at Parks' Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. recommend disconnecting your downspouts from the house sewer line, and, if needed, installing our Double Guard Flood Control System or Overhead Sewer.

Maywood Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

Maywood is offering a program to assist single-family homeowners with the cost of plumbing improvements. It is administered on a 'first come - first served' basis. All work must be performed by a licensed plumber. Eligible homeowners may qualify for a 50% cost share up to maximum of $1750, subject available funding.

Click Here to read more on the Maywood Flood Control Assistance Program

Maywood Flood Control Services


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