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We are happy to say we have been doing business in Niles for more than 25 years now. We have been helping the residents solve a variety of plumbing issues throughout the years, from flooded basements, to back yard drainage issues, to repairing leaky foundation walls. Niles is close to our base, and we are always happy to help with any plumbing or sewer-related issues there.

About Niles, Illinois

Niles is a suburb approximately 15 miles northwest of Chicago's Loop. The 2010 population from the census was 29,803.

The Treaty of Prarie du Chien, signed between the United States government and several chiefs of the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatamie Indian tribes, left particular tracts of land to individuals of mixed-Native American ancestry. Among these individuals were Billy Caldwell, Victoria Pothier, and Jane Miranda. The land given to these individuals helped for what would eventually established part of the border of Niles.

Niles was reportedly named "America's best place to raise kids" in 2010. It is definitely a good place to live, work, or visit. Located just northwest of Chicago, the village has plenty to offer. From great parks to great shopping, there are plenty of opportunities for recreation, entertainment, and more. Although there is no downtown area, residents consider Milwaukee Avenue to be their downtown. Golf Mill Shopping Center opened in 1960 and is still the largest shopping center in Niles.

One of the ways visitors remember Niles is the Leaning Tower Monument on Touhy Avenue. It was built in 1932 when Robert Ilg constructed a recreational park for his employees, consisting of twin swimming pools and cabanas, plus featuring the half size replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to cover the pool's water tank. It was given to the Niles Y.M.C.A. organization in 1960.

However, the area - just like the neighboring villages - has a combined sewer system, which causes occasional flooding when it rains hard. We have installed tens of flood control systems to prevent flooding from overloaded systems.

Niles Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Village of Niles has a Flood Control Assistance Program. It partially covers the cost of a flood control installation.The Flood Control Assistance Program covers backflow protection and overland flood protection. Those homeowners who qualify for the financial assistance and meet all established requirements qualify for a grant totaling 50% of the improvement costs, up to a maximum of $4,000.

Niles Flood Control Assistance
Niles Sewer Backflow Protection
Niles Overland Flood Protection

Niles Flood Control & Plumbing Services
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