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Oak Park flooding is becoming increasingly common, and the effects are numerous such as damaged property, lost valuables, health concerns and increasing insurance premiums. After a 3 hour rainstorm in July of 2011 dropped 4.3 inches of rain, more than 150 homes experienced basement flooding. The hardest-hit area was northeast Oak Park because the ground level is lower in that section of the community. The Village has seen an usually high number of severe storms in recent years which is a problem for the entire Chicago area. Parks' Plumbing and Sewer is happy to serve the residents of Oak Park with both plumbing and flood control systems protecting many residents from sewer backup and basement flooding. Yard drainage systems are also available.

About Oak Park, Illinois

The village of Oak Park once known as Oak Ridge, is located adjacent to the West side of the City of Chicago. With a population of about 52,000, it is the 29th largest municipality in Illinois and was once nicknamed the "World's Largest Village.". Originally incorporated in 1902 after breaking off as a part of the Town of Cicero, Oak Park prides itself on the historical preservation of it's 3 historical districts of historical homes; Frank Lloyd Wright, Ridgeland and Seward Gunderson.

Northeast Oak Park is the lowest point in the community, and usually is the area that gets hit the hardest when the heavy rain comes. A study conducted by the village in 2011 determined that even if the capacity of the Village sewer system was increased the problem would still continue under extreme weather. With that being said, we encourage the residents of Oak Park to call and schedule your FREE Flood Control estimate today! 847-676-1931

Oak Park Flooding Information / Program Information / Links

The Oak Park Sewer Backup Protection Grant Program was established to provide financial assistance to homeowners who install systems to protect their homes from sewer backup during a heavy rain event. The program's intent is to offset a portion of the expense of modifying a building's plumbing system to prevent backflow when Village sewers are at capacity. Eligible homeowners may qualify for a grant of 50 percent of the total cost of sewer backup prevention improvements, up to a maximum of $3,500 for installing either an overhead sewer system or a backflow prevention valve

Oak Park Sewer Grant Program
Oak Park Sewer Backup Protection Grant
Oak Park Sewer Backup Application

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