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Parks' Advantages of the Fiberglass J-Vault Flood Control Vault

Advantages of a Fiberglass Vault


1. Instant extended warranty, 10 year vs. 5 Year.
2. Lasts over 75 years compared to about 25 years for a concrete vault.
3. Cannot absorb water – Prevents freeze cracking.
4. Adds value to the system and therefore the home.


5. No water infiltration through fiberglass walls in a pressurized sewer situation or from natural ground water. (Ground Water to Treatment Plant – Electrical Usage)


6. Cleaner/ Neater Finish.
7. Easier to keep clean.
8. Brighter inside for maintenance work and observation.


9. Can install in tighter places, like back yards.
10. Can avoid more obstacles like Sidewalks, Yard Fences, Gas lines, Water lines, etc.
11. No big heavy equipment on your property which can damage; Grass, Driveways, Sidewalks, Utilities, Sprinkler System, Fences, etc.


12. Eccentric design for easy entrance to ladder, better positions electrical outlet.
13. Better electric seal and electric connection into vault.
14. Better step design, full ladder installation.
15. Final product has a solvent welded joint / permanent and no leakage.


16. Latest and greatest technology and it HELPS PREVENT FLOODING!

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