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Parks' Flood Control System

Parks' Double Guard™ Flood Control System

Ejector Pump and Pump Basin

When the Parks Double-Guard valves are closed because the municipal sewer mains are full and overloaded, the house waste water cannot flow into the municipal sewer by itself. Therefore,we install an overflow pipe which guides the waste water into an ejector pump basin that we install within the floor of the vault structure.

We provide an 18 wide, 24 deep ejector pump basin, and depending on city or village codes it is made of either clay or fiberglass. In certain cases, a 24 wide - or sometimes larger - concrete basin is provided to adapt to unusual job requirements or circumstances.

When the ejector pump basin fills up with water from the home or building usage, a 2-inch ejector pump is automatically activated by a switch in the basin and the contents of the basin are then pumped through a 2-inch rigid, copper pipe and a check valve into the sewer line on the street side of the Parks' Double-Guard™ valves. This keeps the house side of the valves dry and forces the contents of the pump basin toward the municipal sewer main.

Parks' Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. Ejector Pump


The ejector basin installed in the Parks' Double Guard Flood Control System is a 2-inch one-half horsepower vortex Hydromatic Commercial Duty with High Head Capacity ejector pump. The enclosed two-vane propeller provides the flow and head required for residential and light commercial sewage applications. The pump is constructed of only highest quality corrosion resistant metals - cast iron, stainless steel, and engineered thermoplastics - designed for many years of service in harsh sewage environment, and will work against up to 27 ft of head pressure.

Advantages of the two vane impeller design provides maximum efficiency. It eliminates the possibility of jamming between the impeller and the volute. It passes a full 2-inch solid. The oil-filled motor is designed for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication. The permanent split capacitor motor eliminates starting switches and relays which are prone to failure.

The pump switch is a separate device and it can be replaced without having to replace the entire pump.  Another nice feature of our ejector pump is that it allows us to use a special testing gauge to check the pump's internal condition, thus permitting us to discover a failing pump before it causes a problem.

The Parks' Double Guard valve does not need electricity to operate. However, the ejector pump which pumps the home or buildings used water past the Parks' Double Guard valve does.