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Parks' Plumbing and Sewer Battery Backups

Pumps and Battery Backup Systems

We also furnish and install Parks' battery backup systems for pumps when desired. The most popular, and also the most efficient one, is our Parks' Battery Back-up System.

Parks' Plumbing and Sewer offers Battery Backup Units for Flood Control Systems and Pumps

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Parks' Battery Back-up System Capabilities for sump and ejector pumps

Parks' battery backup system is a fully automatic power source that provides electricity to sump or ejector pumps during power failures. It consists of two deep cell marine type batteries and a power inverter/charger that converts DC power from the batteries into AC power that is supplied to the pump during power outages.

We install the battery backup on a Parks' Platform. That means the system does not sit on concrete floor in the basement. The battery backup should be checked annually, and batteries should be replaced periodically to ensure good operation.

If needed, additional batteries can be installed to extend the run time of the pump in battery backup mode. Custom configurations are also available, allowing the installation of two pumps, pump alternator, and high water alarms.

Sump Pump Battery Backup System Choices

Very Good

Sumpro Battery Backup System

Parks' Battery Backup System


Sumpro Platinum Battery Backup System

Parks' Platinum Battery Backup System


Sumpro Titaninum Battery Backup System

Parks' Titaninum Battery Backup System