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Burrrst Pipes? Winter is here... Is your property properly winterized?

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019 by The Plumbers Wife
This isn’t the time to overlook important maintenance for your home as we seem to skip fall and winter becomes a reality all too quickly in Chicago and the surrounding areas. With the holidays quickly approaching don't skip out on winterizing your home or it could cost you.

Most burst pipes have less than a 1-inch gap wreaking havoc in walls, basements and crawl spaces.
It can take only a few minutes for a burst pipe to cause thousands of dollars in repair damage.

Getting your home ready for winter can seem like an impossible task, but these simple tips can make the difference between a seamless transition to colder temperatures or thousands of dollars spent in preventable repairs. 

1. Insulate exposed pipes. 
Homes may have exposed crawl spaces, exterior exposure or areas where pipes can freeze. Insulation can help to alleviate issues as the temperatures drop during the winter months. Check out your nearest hardware store, they usually have a variety of options available to help cover your pipes through cold temps.

2. Check your outside taps. 
Those little drips of water you overlooked during the summer months can turn into the frozen pipes in the winter. Now is the time to ensure your outside taps are working properly and turned off securely to alleviate any potential freezing risk. Turn off your main water supply and then open up the exterior faucets to release any remaining water. Once this is complete, turn your water supply back on. If you need our assistance we would be happy to get a plumber out.

3. Remove and drain hoses from your outside faucets. 
Water can rest in hoses, especially if they remain connected to exterior faucets. Remove, drain, roll up and store your hoses inside a shed or garage to extend their usage and save you a few bucks.

Taking these few simple preventative steps will save you a big headache in the future. If you need assistance with getting your property ready for the upcoming frigid temps, call today and we're on our way!